Uk Made Leather Goods

What's the Story Behind Handcrafted?

Handcrafted goods tend to be designed and made to the highest quality possible by the skill of the craftsman.

There is good reason for this. When more time is spent making a product, the most significant cost to the craftsman is not what it cost in materials, but the actual time it took to make. When this is the case, handcrafted leather goods are likely to be made out of the highest quality materials available, because the savings made by lowering the quality of materials is really small in comparison to the overall production cost. Therefore  there is nothing achieved in the end by making something with anything less than top quality materials other than dissatisfied customers.

Handcrafted leather goods can sometimes last a lifetime is looked after correctly, purchasing an handcrafted leather item can often guarantee a greater quality product. The grade of leather and quality of construction are often superior in handcrafted items, and the overall design tends to be simpler to keep the cost of the item down.

Its common to see wallets is department stores that have multiple pockets and compartments for notes, coins or even an id window and a zip, all for a really low price. This is only achieved when low quality thin leathers and lower paid staff produce on a mass scale.

Every item i make is hand stitched know as "saddle stitching" that requires 2 needles attached to a single thread, i only use Tiger waxed polyester thread for this process. Each needle passes through the leather in a figure of 8 pattern, this is the most durable for of stitching and much stronger than a machine stitch.

Machine stitching uses 2 threads, the threads do not pass all the way through the leather, they instead loop around each other halfway through the holes made by the needle. For most uses machine stitching is fine, but that does not mean it is as durable or strong as saddle stitching.

If a machine stitch breaks in one place it will become loose and eventually unravel. This is because each thread stays on its own side of the leather, instead of looping through the leather in a figure of 8 pattern.

It is impossible to achieve saddle stitching using a machine, therefore it is always done by hand. It takes much longer to hand stitch, which is why you will usually pay more for this type of construction compared to one sewn by machine. The benefit of this means you can now own a quality item that will last for many years, and you know that the item has been made with skill and care by just one pair of hands, and took many hours instead of minutes to handcraft.

I saddle stitch every single handcrafted leather item that i make, not just to give more strength and durability, but in my opinion its adds to the overall aesthetics of the finished product. Hand stitching for me is really rewarding when you see the end result, which you could never get from a machine.

By purchasing an handcrafted leather item, you can understand that every product can be slightly different from one to another, and subtle imperfections can make to item even more unique. The natural nature of the leather all means there can sometimes show small surface variations like scars, and marks acquired through the animals life, however i try to minimise this as much as possible.

Made by Hand Not Machine...