Uk Made Leather Goods

How to care for your leather goods

Caring for your leather goods is important, and can be very satisfying & rewarding.

I know that some may think it's not needed or i just don't have time. But caring for your leather item will reward you at the start and for years to come. By this i mean once you have applied some leather conditioning balm to your leather wallet or leather card case you will see the leather come to life, it will darken the leather slightly, it will show off all of its natural beauty and look great. If done on a regular basis depending on use your leather item will last for many years to come, and also gain its natural patina which can only be achieved over time and use.

Sedgwick's leather conditioner perfect for all veg tanned leather goods

Natural Vegetable Tanned leather has very little oil content, because it is left completely natural after tanning.

I would only recommend only using all natural leather conditioners, nothing synthetic or petroleum based.

I only use Sedgwick & Co original leather balm which i have done for a while, and just to be clear they don't pay me to say this, i just love their products and hope you will too.

Sedgwick have developed this leather dressing that contains only natural ingredients, including tallow, oils and beeswax. With the Sedgwick secret mix of leather dressing, every day care for leather could not be simpler.

Whatever you choose to use, a maintenance routine should be performed at least once a year, more if you think the leather needs it, or if you just want to darken the leather up a bit. You should always start by cleaning away any dirt or debris, with a soft dry brush or cloth. Apply using your fingers or a soft cloth (depending on your conditioner of choice), and start with a small amount in an inconspicuous spot to test how it will change the appearance of the leather.

Once satisfied, continue to coat the entire item, but only on the grain (smooth) side of the leather. Start by applying a little evenly over the whole surface, adding more if required. Don't worry too much if it initially darkens the leather in an uneven way. As it soaks in and dries, the unevenness should disappear and the leather should lighten a little bit.