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We at B26 Custom Leather make every item by hand from start to finish using quality vegetable tanned leathers and hardware that we source. Everything is sewn by hand, known as saddle stitching using tiger thread considered by many to be the best which is strong, durable and long lasting.

Every leather item is hand cut, hand dyed, hand sewn, hand finished, resulting in a custom made to order product which is then shipped using environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible

Eco friendly & healthy

Due to their natural origins and characteristics, articles made of vegetable tanned leathers do not offer risk to the environment when disposed after a long useful life. In the same way, during use, vegetable tanned leathers do not offer any risk to the health of the users. the are totally safe to wear and to handle.

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B26 custom leather

Leather goods made using quality materials and traditional techniques

We make all our products by hand in our workshop in Birmingham, England which has a long history of manufacturing. The art of leather crafting hasn't changed for hundreds of years, our aim is to keep the craft alive by making leather products for you to enjoy for many years to come.